What does the corona virus (COVID-19) mean for orders at Sternglas?

What does the corona virus (COVID-19) mean for orders at Sternglas?
The current developments regarding the corona virus (COVID-19) are causing uncertainty in Germany and around the world. Every day we receive new questions concerning this topic and how things are currently progressing at Sternglas.
We have collected your questions in this regard and would therefore like to inform you about the situation here at Sternglas.


Does COVID-19 cause any delays in delivery of my order

In order to meet the delivery deadlines, our warehouse is working as usual and is taking all preventive measures. Delivery delays are not expected. Your order will arrive as usual within 1 to 3 working days.


What happens if there are delays in delivery

It depends on whether the order has left our warehouse or not. The answer to both cases can be found in the following


I have received my order confirmation, but I am still waiting for the shipment. What should I do

If you haven't received a shipping confirmation after your order confirmation, please contact our service team directly. They will find a quick and convenient solution to your problem.
Phone +49 (0)40 999993 69
Email: support@sternglas.com


After receiving my shipping confirmation, I still haven't received my order. What can I do

You can check the status of your order as usual via the tracking system. Our service team is also happy to assist you here.  


What happens if DHL is unable to deliver my package, e.g. because certain regions are under lock-down

In this case, there will be no costs for you. However, we ask you to contact our service team to discuss the further steps


How and when can I contact you the fastest if I have questions?

As usual, you can contact us via all channels from 10:00 - 18:00. You can reach our service directly under:
Phone +49 (0)40 999993 69
Email: support@sternglas.com


Is there a risk of getting infected through the products

No - There are currently no cases where it has been proven that people have become infected through contact with goods. Based on the findings and assessment of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), we can therefore state, according to the current state of knowledge: "An infection with COVID-19 via surfaces that do not belong to the direct environment of a symptomatic patient, such as imported goods, mail or luggage, is therefore unlikely”.

Quelle: BfR as of 17.03.20 


I do not want to leave my house for the benefit of the general public. How can I still return my order

You can request a DHL pick up from your home free of charge. To arrange a DHL pick-up, please contact our service team. They will arrange everything for you.
Tel. +49 (0)40 999993 69
Email: support@sternglas.com


Can I be infected by a returned product sent to me

This is impossible, as we do not resend any returned products to you, regardless of whether they have been opened or not.  


Do you still ship to Austria despite the border being closed?

There are no restrictions on the shipment of goods for the time being, so there will be no restrictions on shipping.   


Does the COVID pandemic affect your stock?

We have built up a stock that will last well into 2020.


What does the COVID pandemic mean for your employees?

Our employees are able to stay at home and work from their home offices. Our warehouse staff follow all recommended hygienic measures and avoid physical contact with each other. The well-being and health of our employees is of paramount importance to us.


We will continue to collect your questions over the next few days and answer them here. As usual, we are committed to being transparent and providing you with all the information you need! :-)

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