Bauhaus on the wrist: The STERNGLAS Naos Edition Bauhaus III

Bauhaus on the wrist: The STERNGLAS Naos Edition Bauhaus III

When an architect, designer, or we talk to you about the Bauhaus, it's highly unlikely we're referring to your last weekend's shopping for screws or light bulbs – but something much more significant.

The Bauhaus - functionality, clear forms, high-quality materials, and the reduction to the essentials! The Bauhaus is the most influential educational institution in the fields of architecture, craftsmanship, and design in the 20th century. A place for creativity and innovation. It was in Weimar in 1919 that a new era of design began.

Founder Walter Gropius wanted to move away from the usual mass production and had a groundbreaking approach: In his Bauhaus school, artists, designers, craftsmen, and architects gathered. They all worked interdisciplinary to breathe new life into the craft and create a new aesthetic.

The Best Under One Roof

The Bauhaus was the bridge between different disciplines. With demanding training. Anyone who taught and learned here belonged to the best.

The principle is clear: Form follows Function. Every brushstroke, every cut, every seam – everything has its meaning. Thus, a completely new language of form and color emerged with the building at its center.

The special thing: The students at the Bauhaus school were supposed to learn the craft from scratch and then implement their own creative thoughts. Experimenting instead of copying. Innovation, instead of "it already exists".

So the Bauhaus was a revolutionary movement that significantly shaped art and craft. The epitome of high craftsmanship.

And today? Today, we at STERNGLAS continue these principles and further develop them to create high-quality timepieces for you at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Because a high-quality Bauhaus timepiece shouldn't cost a fortune only to disappear in a safe. That's why we've set out to change that.

Bauhaus is more than just a style for me. It's also a way of thinking. The fundamental idea of Bauhaus 'Good design for everyone' has always been our credo.” – Dustin Fontaine

The Bauhaus Timepiece for the Present

Since our inception, the Bauhaus has always inspired, fascinated, and influenced us. Ultimately, it's part of our STERNGLAS DNA. You'll find this passion reflected in our timepieces.

In this context, we've already created five limited special editions, all of which sold out quickly. Two of them were from our popular Naos series. This year, we're making collectors' and Bauhaus enthusiasts' hearts beat faster once again.

With the Naos Edition Bauhaus III, we're returning to the origin. We present our modern interpretation of the Bauhaus ethos, capturing its essence and transferring it to the year 2024: Good design for everyone.

Bauhaus in every detail

In the Naos Edition Bauhaus III, Bauhaus is infused into every detail. The white dial with black hands and indices, along with the clean lines, embody the simple elegance of the Bauhaus. From business to casual, from work to leisure: This versatile companion for the modern watch enthusiast always fits and slips under any shirt cuff effortlessly.

With the third edition of the Naos Bauhaus Edition, we've expanded functionalities: It's the first Naos timepiece with Luminova on hands and dial. We couldn't resist fulfilling this request from the STERNGLAS community. So you always have the time in view – even in low light.

As usual with STERNGLAS timepieces, we've come up with a very special engraving for this one too. In line with the Bauhaus theme, you'll find an exact image of the famous curriculum of the school on the back. A symbol of high craftsmanship and a real eye-catcher.

With the Naos Edition Bauhaus III, you wear a stylish piece of design history on your wrist and become part of this fascinating movement.

You're missing the Naos Bauhaus Edition II in the overview? Well spotted! Here, in the summer of 2022, we came up with a special edition: Specifically, three variants with the dial in Bauhaus primary colors & indices based on form-color correlation. Limited to only 333 pieces. Perhaps you're lucky enough to find one of these Bauhaus rarities at one of our 450 retailers.

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