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Collection: Clocks

Your timeless wall clock - stylish models from Sternglas

Today, wall clocks are no longer just functional and should reliably show the time. They have long since become stylish home accessories. It is therefore all the more important that your new wall clock perfectly matches your interior and your taste.

At Sternglas you will find modern wall clocks that impress with their simple lines and straightforward design. If you like our wristwatches, you will love our wall clocks. Simply order your desired model online or find out more about our selection in the online shop below.

What makes our wall clocks special:

  • reduced design in the Bauhaus style of the 20th century
  • high functionality and best readability
  • high-quality materials and great workmanship
  • top price-performance ratio

Buying advice: How to find the right wall clock

If you want to buy a wall clock, you should think about what style you like and what is particularly important to you before you buy. The price-performance ratio should be right and the wall clock should be well made.

We show you in detail what you can look out for.

Designed to match your furnishings

We particularly love simple designs that are timeless and convincing without a lot of frills. But the decisive factor is what you like. Do you like clean lines or do you prefer fancy wall clocks? What colour should the dial be? And what colour should the frame be? Do you like Roman numerals or normal numbers? How big should the wall clock be? With these questions in mind, you will quickly find your style.

At Sternglas you will find wall clocks in the Bauhaus style of the 20th century in various designs and sizes. This design direction is characterised by clear lines and a puristic style. Nevertheless, our clocks do not look boring. Delicate lines and small details make for an eye-catcher. Especially with a white dial, our minimalist wall clocks bring a modern ambience to any room - whether in the living room, kitchen or bedroom.


Sternglas Wanduhr Zirkel - Die perfekte Uhr für Dein Wohnzimmer

The movement - quiet and smooth-running

Loud ticking noises disturb many clock owners. Especially wall clocks with large hands should therefore have a high-quality movement that works silently. The hands should move smoothly so that you are not disturbed by noises.

Our wall clocks have a high-quality quartz movement with creeping seconds, which is particularly known for its high accuracy. Quartz clocks are battery-operated and are long-lasting and reliable.

The materials - high-quality and stylish

Of course, with any wall clock it is not only a high-quality look that counts, but also robust materials that feel valuable and last a long time. Aluminium, for example, is popular for the frame of the wall clock. The material does not rust and creates a modern look that fits into any room.

We use mineral glass for the watch glass. It is scratch- and break-resistant and looks much better than plexiglass, for example. 

When buying a wall clock, make sure that it has a top-quality finish. Both the movement and all visible components should be of high quality so that the clock lasts for a long time. Of course, you can rely on us for high-quality clocks. We know exactly what is important and have developed all our designs ourselves.

STERNGLAS Numeris - Die perfekte Uhr für deine Küche oder dein Schlafzimmer.

Conclusion: Buy modern wall clocks for a stylish home

Whether you're looking for a new living room wall clock or a kitchen wall clock, we have timeless and modern models that will instantly make any room more homely. When buying, always look for good quality and a design that matches your furnishings and style.

If you like the Bauhaus style and prefer minimalist wall clocks, the models from Sternglas are just right for you. Our large wall clocks are available in various designs and sizes, so you can choose the design of your choice. 

Order in our online shop comfortably and securely online, pay for example with PayPal.

Do you have any questions about our wall clocks or ordering? Feel free to contact us and we will help you competently!