The Team behind Sternglas

The Team behind Sternglas

At STERNGLAS, everything revolves around providing you with high-quality, timeless watches that not only look elegant but are also durable and affordable. Designed in Hamburg and inspired by Bauhaus principles, we focus on simple, functional designs that stand the test of time and emphasize the essentials.

Ever wondered who the creative minds and passionate watch enthusiasts are behind each of our timepieces? Get to know our team and discover the dedicated watch enthusiasts who pour their heart and soul into making every STERNGLAS watch something special.

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Mario, Finance
Accounting Manager

Thanks to Mario, we stay informed about our financial status at all times. Mario continuously optimizes structures and processes to ensure we can offer you our timepieces at the fairest possible prices.

Why does Mario work at STERNGLAS? "I particularly enjoy the dynamic working environment and the efficient communication channels here at STERNGLAS!"

Yvonne, Marketing
Team Lead Marketing

Yvonne propels STERNGLAS forward through various initiatives, handling press and cooperation inquiries while ensuring our newsletter subscribers are always up to date.

"My favorite watch? The Naos in all colors, though right now I'm particularly fond of the turquoise variant! However, the Edition Yellow is also a favorite of mine."

CFO/ Co-Founder

Henning oversees the smooth operation of everything backstage. With a keen eye for detail and numbers, he and his teams in Logistics, Service & Accounting ensure seamless operations.

Henning's favorite model? "The STERNGLAS Hamburg! Every time I glance at this watch, it reminds me of our beautiful city of Hamburg, where we founded STERNGLAS."

Jan, Marketing
Performance Marketing Specialist

Jan has been part of the STERNGLAS family since 2017. He serves as our Google expert, ensuring you always find exactly what you're looking for.

His favorite model? "The Tachymeter Edition Meteor. Its nearly all-black design with striking turquoise accents has quickly become my new favorite. I've been eagerly anticipating its release!"

Sarah, Customer Service
Team Lead Customer Support

Do you have a question about our timepieces or is there a problem with your order? Sarah is here to assist you.

Why does Sarah work at STERNGLAS? "I love assisting our customers with all their inquiries and concerns, providing them with advice and support. My mission is to ensure our customers are delighted. The personal messages I receive motivate me to pursue this goal every day. It's what drives me!"

Tine, Retail
Internal Sales Retail

Tine is a devoted Hamburg enthusiast who manages the distribution of our timepieces to over 450 STERNGLAS jewelers.

"My favorite watch? It's the Hamburg Chrono with a dark green dial. Paired with my anchor tattoo on my wrist, it embodies the spirit of the North that I carry with me always."

Dustin, Founder
CEO & Founder

In 2016, Dustin founded STERNGLAS driven by his passion for watches and interest in Bauhaus design. You can read the full story, including all the ups and downs, here.

"Which timepiece do I like the most? The golden Berlin with the leather strap featuring a distinguished alligator imprint."

Janine, Retail
Internal Sales Retail

Janine is a native of Hamburg and our contact person for more than 450+ retailers. Known for her reliability like clockwork, she ensures smooth operations and excellent service.

"My favourite watch?" The STERNGLAS Naos XS in champagne gold and the matching Milanaise strap!"

Dirk, Retail
Retail Director

Dirk brings extensive retail experience to the team. With his guidance and the efforts of our sales representatives, STERNGLAS timepieces are now available at over 450 retailers in the US, the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Vietnam, and Japan.

Need a retailer near you? Drop us a message!

Manuela, Product Development
Working Student Product & Design

When it comes to design, that's where Manu comes in. With a lot of heart and soul and an eye for detail, she designs our timepieces in the heart of Hamburg! Why does she design watches? "While the space of a wristwatch is limited, the space of creativity is limitless."

Alex, Logistics
Logistics & Purchasing Manager

From an intern to a trainee job and now our Logistics & Purchasing Manager, Alex has streamlined our internal processes to ensure your STERNGLAS timepiece arrives on time!

Why does Alex enjoy working at STERNGLAS? "It's wonderful to gain such valuable insights here and have the opportunity to contribute my own ideas!"

Keyvan, Product Development
Brand & Product Designer

Keyvan's passion for watches began in 2013 with his first white G-Shock. Since then, he rarely leaves the house without a watch on his wrist. Since 2022, he has been involved in developing new STERNGLAS watches and designs and keeping our website up to date.

His favorite watch? "I prefer wearing the prototypes that are still in the product development stage."

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