Reference to ElektroG

Information for private households

The Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

The Electrical and electronics equipment law (short ElektroG) contains a range of requirements in the use of electrical and electronics equipment. The most important ones are as follows.

1. Separate collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment

Electric appliances that have reached the end of their life are referred to as waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Owner of WEEE have to collect and keep those separately to the municipal waste. You must not dispose electric appliances together with household waste, but in specific collection and return facilities.

2. Battery and accumulators

Batteries and accumulators have to be removed from the WEEE by the owner before the disposal at collection facility in case the batteries/accumulators are not covered by the appliance. This does not apply, if the WEEE is handed over to a public waste management authority and will be separated there from other WEEE with the purpose of preparing for recycling.

3. Options of returning WEEE

Owner of WEEE from private households can hand those over to collection facilities of the public waste management authorities or to the return facilities established by the manufacturer or distributor according to the ElektroG. For Germany there is an online directory of collection facilities available:

4. Data Privacy

Devices commonly contain sensible personal data. This especially applies to devices of the information and telecommunication sector as computer and smartphones. Please keep for self-interest in mind that for the deletion of the data saved on the appliance which is due to waste every end user is responsible themselves.

5. Meaning of the symbol „crossed out waste bin“

The symbol of the crossed out waste bin usually shown on electrical and electronics equipment, points out that the respective device has to be disposed separately from the household waste at the end of its life.

6. Manufacturer registration number

As manufacturer according to the ElektroG we are registered at the foundation Stiftung

Elektro-Altgeräte Register (Benno-Strauß-Str. 1, 90763 Fuerth, Germany) with the registration number: 

WEEE-registration number: DE17513034

Registered at Environmentral Agency with WEEE-register number (UK): WEE/JD5607UY

Registered at Umweltbundesamt Österreich (Austria) with Personen-GLN: 9008391710332

„Registered as EEE-producer in the Netherlands through the collective scheme of Wecycle (Participant number: 6759).“