DLC - Why is this coating so special?

DLC - Why is this coating so special?

DLC – ”Diamond like carbon”

What is DLC coating and what is so special about it?

Anyone who has already seen our Topograph and the Zirkel Edition Bauhaus models knows exactly how unique the brushed stainless steel case in black can look. The DLC coating in deep black looks stylish and robust and makes every timepiece elegant, sporty and suitable for the everyday use at the same time. But what makes this black coating so special? And what makes it so colourfast and scratch-resistant? 

"Diamond like carbon", also known as DLC in short, is a coating applied to the surface using a multi-stage high-tech process that measures only a few micrometers. In the process, the surface is vaporized with a diamond-like carbon to create an incomparable surface hardness and a deep black appearance. Due to the high degree of surface hardness, the amount of friction can be reduced to a minimum. In addition to watch cases, the DLC process is also used in other areas, such as eyeglasses, mechanical engineering, medical technology, or housings of cameras and smartphones. However, the DLC coating process is particularly often used for watch cases in the luxury watch sector.


6 Reasons why DLC coated watches should be chosen: 

1. Extreme scratch resistance

Nobody wants scratches on their watch. Whether on the glass or the case. Stainless steel can also be scratch-prone when exposed to other harder metals. The harder the case material, the more scratch-resistant the watch. For this reason, DLC-coated housings are extremely hardened and thus more scratch-resistant than PVD material.

2. High resistance to abrasion and wear

Watch cases coated with DLC have a longer life span. Due to the hardness of the DLC coating, accidental intrusion of hard particles or damage is almost impossible. The dial and movement are also protected by the stability and robustness of the DLC case.

3. Comfortable wearability

Despite the robust character of a DLC-coated watch, the smooth surface of the DLC coating ensures that it feels comfortable on the wrist. The smoothness of the casing precisely reflects the characteristics of the graphite content of the black DLC coating.

4. Excellent biocompatibility

In addition to the good mechanical characteristics of DLC, the DLC coating also impresses with excellent biocompatibility. DLC coatings do not contain any allergenic metals and additionally serve as protection against nickel contents. 

5. Outstanding heat resistance

The deep black DLC coating optimizes the high temperature resistance of the 316L stainless steel case. All DLC-coated timepieces can also withstand extreme temperatures. 

6. Unique aesthetics

In addition to its outstanding protective qualities, each timepiece with a DLC coating stands out with its particularly elegant and aesthetic appearance. Our Topograph and Zirkel Edition Bauhaus have a deep black finish that is suitable for every occasion and every style of outfit. The perfect combination of sophisticated technology and aesthetics. 

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