New Limited Edition – Between Home and Wanderlust

New Limited Edition – Between Home and Wanderlust

We're all on a journey. Even when you sometimes don't know where to. Yet, you're still moving forward. Each life path is different and unique. And often, it takes us miles away from our home.

For some, it's the job, for others, it's love or the dream of ultimate freedom. Some set off early, others later. Leaving our home is one of the toughest steps in life. But also one of the most important.

Perhaps you know this feeling: a mix of curiosity and uncertainty. Before every new decision and at every new place you visit. It's that thrill we crave to feel. Because within us all lies a Christopher Columbus or a Jack Sparrow.

We're like ships in the vast ocean called life. But every time we venture into the unknown, we also leave something behind: our friends, our family. Until we return to our safe harbor.

You see: a harbor is not just a center for logistics and trade. It's a magical place of cultural encounters and numerous stories. Adventures end here, and new ones begin.

Harbor Love for Your Wrist: STERNGLAS Edition Hafen

That's why we dedicate the new STERNGLAS Hamburg Edition Hafen (meaning “harbor”) to the heart of our home. A true heavyweight among European trading hubs: the legendary Hamburg Harbor in Germany.

Since its establishment in 1189, the Hamburg Harbor has a lot of stories to tell – if only it could speak. After all, it has been completely destroyed and rebuilt up to 80%.

Hence, on the back of the Hamburg Edition Hafen, you'll find a detailed depiction of a container ship with the city's skyline. A symbol of home and adventure, but also a nod to the rich and meaningful history of this place.

The design is inspired by this: the quartet of white, gray, red, and anthracite on the dial, with the red and white ring resembling a signal buoy.

Changing with Time

Just as we adapt to time, the Hamburg Harbor, as the "Gateway to the World", had to reinvent itself time and again: once, sailing ships arrived, now huge container ships or cruise liners. Millions of containers are handled every year. Once it was the sailors, today tourists throng the docks.

Over time, the Hamburg Harbor has become a modern melting pot of cultures and generations, and a famous attraction. With the Hafencity, a whole new district is emerging with residential and commercial buildings, parks, trendy bars, and restaurants. The Hamburg Harbor is a versatile place between tradition and modernity – timeless and unique like the STERNGLAS Hamburg Edition Hafen.

A Sign of Home

Each of us needs a harbor as an anchor point in life. When the storm becomes too strong. A place that gives you shelter, hope, and courage and refuels you with new strength.

And when you're out there chasing your goals and seeking your happiness, let this timepiece always remind you where your harbor is. So follow your dreams and your heart. Write your story and tell it upon your return.

Or as Mark Twain said: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor."

Just as a buoy provides orientation on rough seas, so will the Hamburg Edition Hafen be your reliable companion. No matter how long and far the journey.

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