When Timepieces Glow – STERNGLAS Lumatik

When Timepieces Glow – STERNGLAS Lumatik

"Let there be light!"

Indeed, light is essential for every living being and every cell. Think back to biology class about photosynthesis or mitochondria.

Through light, we perceive anything at all. You've surely ridden a bike without light or walked along a pitch-dark street. Not pleasant, right? We need light for orientation and safety.

And time also provides us with orientation. But when it's dark, even the best watch won't help you. That's what the Japanese manufacturer Nemoto & Co. thought in the early 1990s. Hence, they invented a luminescent substance that revolutionized the watch industry: Luminova.

It's precisely this luminescent substance that adorns our new STERNGLAS Lumatik Automatic in two colors: white on the numerals and orange on the geometric indexes and hands.

Why groundbreaking? Because Luminova was the first non-radioactive, non-toxic luminescent substance. Conventional alternatives like radium were all highly hazardous to health. The trick behind Luminova: it doesn't emit light by itself.

Luminova, an Innovative Light Reservoir

Luminova is a term akin to pure magic. And yes, its glow has something magical. But in reality, it's chemistry. Starring: the chemical strontium aluminate.

This enables the Lumatik timepiece to store light and emit it for several hours in darkness. That's why it's also called an afterglow color.

This property is quite handy in all situations: in the bedroom, in the car, during evening strolls, on longer bike rides, or in any poor lighting conditions.

So you always have the time in view. The luminosity and duration of the Luminova effect depend on the intensity of the light source. The longer the darkness persists, the weaker the glow. Sounds quite philosophical now.

By the way, this luminescent substance is sensibly used in dive watches or pilot watches. And now in the STERNGLAS Lumatik. But that's not all.

More Endurance, More Comfort with 60 Hours Power Reserve

The Lumatik combines elegant design with reliable technology. The large numerals on the dial and the improved Miyota 8315 movement are exciting innovations in the STERNGLAS collection. All together with the Luminova are the desires of our community. We couldn't say "no" to that.

The enhanced Miyota 8315 automatic movement gives the Lumatik even more endurance. It has a significantly longer power reserve of 60 hours compared to the Miyota 8215 with 38 hours – noticeable by the red "60" on the dial.

So you can leave your timepiece for two days without it stopping, and you don't have to reset it. It's quite convenient if you want to switch to another STERNGLAS model. Your Lumatik will then be waiting for you for the next everyday adventure.

A sign of attention to detail is the blued screws, often found in luxury watches as an elegant and decorative element. Bluing is a traditional process where the screws are heated, creating the characteristic blue color.

With its fresh colors, improved technology, and innovative Luminova, the Lumatik is the perfect timepiece for the first warm sunbeams of the year. A real beacon of light and a standout in everyday life – no matter how dark it gets.

So capture the sun and let time shine – with the STERNGLAS Lumatik.

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