Mecha-Quartz: The Hybrid Watch Movement

Mecha-Quartz: The Hybrid Watch Movement

A term that frequently appears in the watch world and yet remains a mystery to many: Mecha-Quartz. This term pops up time and again, but only a few people truly understand what lies behind it. In this article, we attempt to shed some light on Mecha-Quartz watch movements and answer some questions.

What is a Mecha-Quartz Movement?

Behind a Mecha-Quartz movement lies a sophisticated technology that combines the advantages of battery-operated and automatic movements. 
Sounds intriguing? We think so too!

But how is this possible? Inside a Mecha-Quartz movement, there are two "engines."
Hours and minutes hands are powered by a battery-operated motor, similar to a quartz watch. Seconds hands and possible chronograph modules are driven by a second, mechanical motor. Mecha-Quartz is thus a hybrid of quartz and automatic.

Mecha-Quartz: Combining the Benefits of Quartz and Automatic?!

That's right! Watches with Mecha-Quartz movements combine the advantages of quartz watches and automatic watches.

1. Precise Like a Quartz Watch

The major advantage of quartz watches over automatic ones, aside from the price, is accuracy. Quartz watches are very precise, while automatic watches depending on the movement and regulation, can have a deviation of -20 to +40 seconds per day.
A watch with a Mecha-Quartz movement is as precise as a quartz watch thanks to the embedded quartz crystal.

2. Smooth Chronograph Hand Like an Automatic Watch

Typically, we associate quartz watches with a ticking second hand that moves "jerkily" second by second. In contrast, the second hand of an automatic watch moves smoothly, giving it a much calmer appearance. The chronograph hand of a watch with a Mecha-Quartz movement moves just as smoothly as the second hand of an automatic watch.

3. The Durability of Mecha-Quartz Movements

Compared to purely mechanical movements, Mecha-Quartz watches are more robust and less susceptible to wear and tear. They are thus perfectly suitable for daily use as well.

4. Mecha-Quartz as an Affordable Alternative to Automatic

Mecha-Quartz watches offer excellent performance at an affordable price, making them an attractive option for watch enthusiasts on a limited budget. 

5. The Versatility of Mecha-Quartz

Mecha-Quartz movements offer a wide range of functions and complications, including chronographs, 24-hour displays, and more. While there are also chronographs with conventional quartz movements, a Mecha-Quartz chronograph has additional advantages:

  • Smooth Chronograph Seconds
  • Flyback Hands
  • Tactile Feedback when Pressing Buttons

Does a Mecha-Quartz Movement have any drawbacks?

1. Battery Replacement Required

Like conventional quartz watches, Mecha-Quartz watches rely on a battery. Once it runs out, it needs to be replaced. Compared to purely mechanical watches, this is, of course, a disadvantage. However, changing the battery is a quick task for any watchmaker and is only needed every few years. 

2. Lack of Tradition 

Some watch enthusiasts appreciate the charm of mechanical watches and simply don't want to wear a battery-operated watch on their wrist. In this case, a Mecha-Quartz watch is not the right choice. 

Is a Watch with Mecha-Quartz Movement a Good Choice for Me?

The choice between a Mecha-Quartz, quartz, or pure mechanical watch depends on individual preferences and requirements. Ultimately, it's about finding the perfect watch for you, one that you find visually appealing and possesses all the functions that matter to you. 

If you find the advantages of both quartz and automatic movements as fascinating as we do, then you should definitely check out the STERNGLAS Hamburg Chrono.

Inside the Hamburg Chrono beats a very special movement: the Seiko Mecha-Quartz VK64. This remarkable chronograph movement impresses with its tactile feel and smooth, swift hand movement.

Thanks to the innovative 2-pillar hammer system, all chronograph hands instantly and precisely reset to zero when the reset button is pressed. This system synchronizes the hand movements with high accuracy and efficiency.

The pushers of the VK movement provide clear, tactile feedback, and the central chronograph hand moves in 1/5-second increments, offering an exceptional user experience.

Wrist-bound Navigation – The Hamburg Chrono

They are called yacht timers, regatta timers, yacht chronographs, or sailing watches. And they have been the inspiration for our new STERNGLAS Hamburg Chrono. But why are they so important?

Here’s a brief overview of sailing watches: A regatta timer is a timepiece with a special countdown function designed for use in regattas. Once set, it shows the helmsman the remaining time until the start signal.

But a chronograph offers even more: it assists in planning tactical maneuvers, helps make precise decisions, and measures the time between different course points.

The standout feature of the Hamburg Chrono is, of course, the analog Mecha-Quartz movement VK64 from Seiko. This movement retains the reliability and accuracy of a quartz watch while also featuring a sweeping second hand like an automatic watch. Thus, the Hamburg Chrono harnesses the advantages of both worlds.

For those who want to know more—what’s behind the fascinating Mecha-Quartz movement Caliber VK64?

    • Thickness: 5.10 mm
    • Diameter: 28.60 mm
    • Quartz Oscillation Frequency: 32.77 Hz
    • Display: Hour, minute, and second hands are centered.
    • Accuracy: ± 20 seconds per month
    • Battery Life: 3 years

Sound intriguing? Discover the Hamburg Chrono now and bring the benefits of both quartz and automatic movements to your wrist.

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