Naos Edition Küste: Giving Time, Taking Action

Naos Edition Küste: Giving Time, Taking Action

As the temperatures drop, the radio plays nothing but "Last Christmas" or Mariah Carey, and the first doors of the advent calendar are opened, you know: December is here again. Completely normal.

Like the second hand racing across the dial, the year has rushed past us. Full of small and big moments and memories. We repeat it every year. Because something always happens to us. That, too, is completely natural. After all, our lives are shaped by changes.

But there are things that are not self-evident – even if it seems so at first glance. A daily shower and a clean environment are two of them. Therefore, we want to use this contemplative time to focus on important topics and people that often get overlooked in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

But attention alone is not enough. We want to make a difference. Together with you. And how do we do that as STERNGLAS? Right! We create a new timepiece and launch a joint fundraising campaign in the name of environmental protection, sustainability, and solidarity. We are all part of the solution.

For Good Style and a Good Cause

With the strictly limited Naos Edition Küste, we combine the STERNGLAS bestseller Naos and our community favorite Edition Küste. The result is a dynamic timepiece for good style and a good cause.

Because we donate €10 from each sold piece to two important regional non-profit organizations and partners from our home in Hamburg, Germany: 

Küste gegen Plastik ( is committed to reducing plastic waste and targets the root cause: production in trade and industry. With the ReplacePlastic App, you can also send a signal to manufacturers. Simply scan the barcode. In a previous fundraising campaign, we were able to collect 21,240 euros for the initiative, allowing us, for example, to contribute to the funding of the informative comic "Trouble in Plankton City," most recently.

By the way, we at STERNGLAS take sustainability very seriously. Therefore, we focus on durable products with high-quality materials and CO2-compensated shipping via DHL Express GoGreen Plus). But not only the environment deserves our attention.

GoBanyo ( offers more than just a shower and fresh clothing to people on the street with the Hamburg shower bus. Each shower and conversation gives hope and restores a sense of self-worth. Washing is dignity. In November 2022 alone, GoBanyo was able to provide 20,000 showers. The team brings this issue from the street to the socio-political agenda.

Image: The shower bus in motion. ©

Both non-profit organizations are long-term partners. We know that every euro has a meaningful impact. But let's get to the new timepiece: the Naos Edition Küste. 

Water is Life

As you can see, it's all about the element of water – especially clean water. That's why the new Naos Edition Küste features a maritime design.

The various shades of blue and black represent the boundless sea. Like a life jacket, the orange ring hugs the deep blue dial. The matching nylon strap in vibrant orange offers even more attention. The signal yellow hands complete the contrast.


The double-curved and anti-reflective sapphire crystal and the durable stainless steel case protect the Naos Edition Küste from scratches and damage. Just as Küste gegen Plastik wants to protect our environment. The engraving on the back shows a close-up of the locally native northern fulmar. A symbol of the seas and coasts polluted by plastic.

This timepiece is an absolute collector's item with only 1,999 pieces – and uniquely identifiable through the limited edition number. Previous editions were sold out quickly. Being quick is worth it – also for the environment. 

We all have a responsibility. For society and our environment. By acquiring the Naos Edition Küste, you automatically support the passionate efforts of Küste gegen Plastik and GoBanyo. Because initiatives like these are needed.

Doing good has never been so stylish. Wear the message for a better world on your wrist. Because even though time is running out: It's not too late.

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