STERNGLAS x Küste gegen Plastik (SOLD OUT)

STERNGLAS x Küste gegen Plastik (SOLD OUT)

About a year ago we launched our timepiece "Hamburg". Inspired by measuring instruments from the maritime world and of course, a homage to our hometown. In just a few weeks the “Hamburg” became the favorite timepiece of 2020 of the STERNGLAS Community!

In the past few months we did everything possible to create a unique and limited edition for you. The timepiece does not only look gorgeous on your wrist, it also supports a local environmental project: HAMBURG EDITION KÜSTE [“Küste” means coast in German]

The special feature: The new timepiece is not only a pleasure to wear, it also supports a special environmental project on our doorstep.

Update 2021-03-29: The Hamburg Edition Küste is sold out. You can find all timepieces here.

Highlights of the special edition:

  • Limited to 750 pieces
  • Sea-blue dial and orange Luminova hands
  • Engraving of the "Norther Fulmar" (bird) on the back of the case
  • Scratch resistant double-domed sapphire crystal (anti-reflective)
  • You are supporting a special environmental project on our doorstep. We donate to the local non-profit organisation “Küste gegen Plastik” [Coast against Plastic]

Together for cleaner oceans

In cooperation with the local non-profit organisation “Küste gegen Plastik” we want to draw attention to the dramatic increase of plastic waste in our oceans. Everyone knows the images of plastic washed up on the coasts of our planet. Our cooperation partner focuses on the North Sea and is therefore right around the corner from our hometown Hamburg. We want to make a contribution and donate parts of the revenue to support the work of "Küste gegen Plastik". Innovative app "Replace Plastic"

Since 2014, "Küste gegen Plastik” [Coast against Plastic] has regularly organised litter collection campaigns on the North Sea coast. But this can't be enough. The actual cause of plastic overproduction must be stopped. As a result, they developed a free app that allows each of us to contact manufacturers of plastic products directly by scanning the barcode on a product. The 'ReplacePlastic' app then generates a friendly message to the manufacturer asking them to reconsider the packaging of the specific product and to offer the goods plastic-free in the future. The 'ReplacePlastic' logo is also engraved on the crown of the Hamburg Edition Coast to raise awareness of the issue. So far, the app is only available in German.

Find out more about the association here

Northern fulmar: Engraving on the case back

The back of the watch is engraved with the fulmar - an animal that has unfortunately become a true plastic indicator in the North Sea. The fulmar is widespread and feeds only directly from the sea. Therefore, it mistakes plastic waste for food. The result: according to the Federal Environment Agency, plastic is found in about 97% of the stomachs of dead fulmars. In more than half of them, it is even more than the critical point of 0.1g of plastic. Grossed up accordingly to a human body size, this means you have 10g of plastic in your stomach. We want to draw attention to this dramatic development with the special engraving on the back of the case.

Sustainable: Today and tomorrow

At STERNGLAS, we also have done our best to become more sustainable over the past few years and months and want to constantly improve ourselves: So does the filling material of our parcels consist of 100% recycled cardboard, while we have switched from PVC tape to paper tape and the plastic bubble bags to paper bubble bags. If we absolutely have to use bubble wrap, we only use film that is at least 50% recycled. Our watches, for example, are delivered in trays made of biodegradable sugar cane waste instead of harmful Styrofoam, and even with the watches themselves, we decide during the construction process to use parts with the lowest possible plastic content and replace them, wherever possible, with eco-friendly alternatives. As a matter of principle, we refuse to use mercury batteries in all our quartz models without exception. 

Concerning our CO2 emissions, we are constantly improving and reducing, too. Thanks to DHL Express GoGreen Plus, our shipping to you is fast and CO2-compensated. 

Hamburg Edition Küste - Made in Germany

The new timepiece is Made in Germany. The dial's color scheme also reflects the oceans with its satin deep blue. The skeleton hands stand out well against it thanks to orange Luminova filling and ensure optimal readability of the time. Further orientation on the dial - which is inspired by maritime measuring instruments - is provided by four orange Luminova dots. Inside the 42 mm watch runs the analog three-hand quartz movement 715 from Ronda. Due to its limited number of 750 pieces, the model also has a limited numbering engraving on the back, which makes each piece a one-of-a-kind. 

The engravings on the crown and the case back, along with its precise dial design and the special colour combination, make the Edition Küste a very special timepiece true to the Bauhaus design. The new everyday companion for anyone who values practicality, precision and sustainability.


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