Hi, I'm Dustin, the founder of STERNGLAS.

It all started in a watch manufactory. Exactly at the age of 16, I worked as a student in a small watch manufactory in Münster (Germany). I changed watchstraps, carried boxes and filled shelves. The intensive contact with watches shaped me and ignited my passion for classic watches. I was so enthusiastic about the watches that I constantly told my friends and family about them. 

The idea of my own watch manufactory

The problem: I was not able to afford the watches even later as a 21-year-old student! So I asked myself the crucial question: Why are there no beautiful watches for a cheaper price? This question did not let me go! 

The idea: I create my own minimalistic watch in a simple Bauhaus design and good quality at a fair price. A watch that everyone can afford and convinces with high-quality materials. My family and friends were thrilled as well, but at the same time they thought I was crazy as there were already a lot of traditional and established watch brands on the market...

But I didn't let them stop me: For months, I worked late into the night on designs. I discarded everything, developed further designs, only to destroy the idea again. I put a lot of passion and love into the project, but my perfectionism got in the way again.

Very famous brands passed me by and I saw my dream shattered. Devastated, I dropped the idea.

The foundation of STERNGLAS

During my studies I already started to work as a web designer. But the work didn't fulfill me enough and I couldn't let the thoughts of my designs rest any longer.

At the turn of the year 2016, I swore to myself: now or never!

I gathered all my courage, energy, savings and resources. Mobilized my family and my entire circle of friends and acquaintances. I developed the final, minimalistic STERNGLAS watch design, created the logo and organized photos and videos. Doubts came over me again and again, but I kept at it and pushed my perfectionism aside!

 In October 2016, the time had finally come! Via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, the first timepiece convinced within a very short time and I collected 16.000€ (17,300 USD) for the first batch of watches. I was overwhelmed! Finally, after such a long time, my dream came true! When the first timepieces arrived at the community, I was so proud and happy.  

 Thank you for being a part of STERNGLAS!

Today, five years later, STERNGLAS is an established watch brand. We are now a team of 25 watch enthusiasts and sell quartz and automatic models in different color variations in our online store. Meanwhile you can buy our STERNGLAS timepieces at more than 350 jewelers near you
We always follow the basic idea: to create beautiful watches in simple Bauhaus design and best quality at a fair price! And that with full passion and always in exchange with you and the STERNGLAS community!

Greetings from Hamburg

Founder of STERNGLAS


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