5 Watch Reviews You Need To Watch

5 Watch Reviews You Need To Watch

Have a look at the latest watch reviews about 5 STERNGLAS automatic watches. We are always happy to get honest feedback and see our timepieces making watch enthusiasts happy around the world!

Here are 5 incredible must-see reviews

1. Time + Tide: Hamburg Automatik

Form follows function in the Sternglas Hamburg Automatik. The editorial team of Time + Tide took a closer look at the Hamburg Automatik. Their conclusion: "Bauhaus done right looks like nothing short of perfection, and the Sternglas Hamburg Automatik is a quality representative."

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2. Quality Time: Naos Automatik

Michael from Quality Times took a closer look at one of our classic timepieces: The Naos Automatik. A classic and elegant watch with a stunning and clean design and a perfect diameter of 38mm.

3. Average Bros: Asthet antracite

Mark from the YouTube channel Average Bros really appreciates the minimalist design of the Asthet with the fair price unter $500. The dial is legible, and the undercuts help the watch sit nicely on the wrist.

4. Ben's Watch Club: Naos Automatik black

Ben's Watch Club is one of the most trusted independent wristwatch reviewer, dedicated to preventing the dreaded buyer’s remorse is one of the biggest. Have a closer look at the watch review about the black Naos Automatik. Although is already 3 years old, it is worth watching. You can really get a great and independent and detailled review about our STERNGLAS bestseller. Please note that we updated the Naos, you now find the date at 6 o'clock.

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5. Watch Addiction: Marus Automatik

Built to dive - thanks to 20 ATM water resistance, screw-down crown and rotating ceramic bezel. Unscratchable thanks to the domed sapphire crystal. Have a look at the watch review from Watch Addiction.

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