5 Reasons Why STERNGLAS Watches Are So Affordable

STERNGLAS watches are renowned for their exceptionally good value for money. But how does a young brand manage to offer such quality at such fair prices?

Here are the top 5 reasons:

1. Direct Communication with Suppliers

STERNGLAS collaborates directly and personally with its suppliers.

This enables STERNGLAS to procure watch components at more affordable prices than other brands that work with purchasing agents and intermediaries.

2. No Expensive Brand Ambassadors

STERNGLAS doesn't collaborate with expensive celebrities. Depending on their popularity, partnering with celebrities can incur high marketing costs, which may need to be recovered through product prices.

To provide you with the perfect value for money, STERNGLAS strives to keep marketing costs as low as possible.

3. No Prestige Markup

In the luxury industry, it's common to offer products at significantly higher prices than necessary, creating artificial exclusivity.

STERNGLAS avoids such a prestige markup and focuses on delivering good quality at a fair price.

4. Streamlined Structures

STERNGLAS is a small owner-operated startup based in Hamburg, Germany. The result: streamlined structures, high flexibility in our decisions, and no overpaid top managers.

Instead, the STERNGLAS team now consists of 15 watch enthusiasts who give their all every day to help you find your new favorite timepiece. :-)

5. Award-Winning Watch Design

STERNGLAS has already won numerous design awards with various watch models.

As a result, many visitors initially assume that our watches are significantly more expensive.

... And often are surprised by our excellent value for money.

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